Water Saving Tips from a Scranton Plumber

As a Scranton plumber, there are many aspects that I point out to a customer that they can improve on their own to save substantial money on their water bills each month. Most of these improvements can be implemented by taking a trip a local hardware store in Scranton or Wilkes-barre and buying the plumbing parts themselves.

Water is expensive — sewer bills are directly linked to your water bills, so water is actually doubly expensive than your water bill.

The daily water use by a typical Scranton family of four is as follows:
Toilet 100
Bathing 80
Laundry 35
Dishwashing 15
Cooking and Drinking 12
Bathroom sink 8
Utility Sink (hand washing) 5
Total 225

To save water, look at your toilet and see if it is running or occasionally must fill up for a few seconds. If it is, you can test your toilet for leaks by placing a small amount of dye or food coloring into the water tank on the back of the toilet, and wait 15 minutes. If any of the food coloring is visible in the actual bowl of the toilet, you have a leak. To replace the toilet guts, it is extremely inexpensive and Nero Plumbing would be glad to give you an estimate.

Check that your toilet is high efficiency. Older toilets used as much as 4.8 gallons a flush! Modern toilets use only 2.2 gallons.

Plumbing supply and hardware stores sell water saving shower heads and sink faucets (they have an aerator in them), and can cut down on your water bill substantially.

Don’t run your laundry machine and dishwashers at half loads. Wait until you have enough laundry for a full load.

While there are many ways to reduce your water bill, call Nero Plumbing today at (570) 309-3555 and we can give you a free water usage survey and recommendations on how to save on your future water bills.

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